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4-Year-Old Girl Sees A Lonely Widower At Grocery Store And Calls Him “Old”.. Her Mom Is Stunned By His Response!

Norah, the daughter of Tara Wood, was preparing herself to commemorate her fourth birthday.  A day before her special day, Norah had a chance to give an explanation to her mom her likeness for aged persons their supple skin, their slow motions, and how — since they are getting to the end of their lifetime she wants to adore them all up ahead of their death.

Norah’s words moved Tara that she posted them on her Facebook page. The following day was Norah’s anniversary, and after classes, Tara took her to the food retail store to purchase some cupcakes.

After perusing the bakery, they stopped at the approval section. Before Tara could notice Norah was standing inside the shopping handcart and make gestures without stopping at an aged man standing in the similar passageway.

Making it known to the elderly man, Norah greeted him and told him it was her birthday. She desperately announced to the expressionless faced man in anticipation for his response with much enthusiasm.

Tara was ashamed that Norah identified him an old individual. She wanted to make an apology copiously, and then quickly go away.

However, as Tara was about to shut up her daughter, the aged man stopped and turned around to stare right at the small child.

What occurred next started a series of reactions that transformed the lives of not just the aged man, but Norah, Tara, and the whole family.

Tara Woods is an over 40 years freelance writer and a stay-at-home mom. She and Garrett, her husband, have come across adorable children. Tara in recent times shared the next story on TODAY Parenting:


A day before her daughter, Norah’s fourth birthday anniversary, she foretold a notable event. Tara had just picked her from preschool when her daughter warned her to be cautious of the old folks on foot across the parking section at a glacier’s area.

Norah went ahead to make it clear that she had a likeness for aged people. She said she had a likeness for elderly folks of them all because they stroll as she walks and they have a soft skin just like her. And because they are going to die soon, she would like to love them all before they all passed away.


Tara says it is somehow strange and dark at the end there, but she liked where her spirit was. Tara was struck by her consideration and sympathy and shared that quote as a status update on Facebook when they got home. She was not aware how much she wished for this.


The next day — her birthday — once more on the way home from school, she asked  her mom if they could stop at the food retail store to purchase commemorative cupcakes for her and her other six kids to have fun after dinner.


Tara wonders how one could say no to a birthday child.


The next day — her birthday — once more on the way home from school, she asked  her mom if they could stop at the food retail store to purchase commemorative cupcakes for her and her other six kids to have fun after dinner.


Tara wonders how one could say no to a birthday child.


They came across the man some aisles over, and Tara approached him asking if he could take a photo with her for the big day.

His look quickly changed from puzzled to shocked and to elated. “A picture..? With me..?” The man asked.


Norah begged that it was for her birthday. He therefore agreed. Tara brought out her iPhone, and they posed in the man’s company. Norah put her soft hand on top of the soft hand of the man. The man without a word gazed at her with blinking eyes as she maintained his hand in hers and looked at his thin veins and last out joints. Norah kissed the peak of his hand and then rested it on her cheek. The man smiled. Tara asked his name, and he told them to call him ‘Dan.

They were at that moment obstructing other shoppers, and they pay attention. Something supernatural was going on at the retail food store that day, and they could all feel it. Norah and Mr. Dan sure didn’t realize they were discussing away like long lost pals.


After some minutes Tara thanked Mr. Dan for sparing his time to spend part of his day with them. He had tears in eyes. Dan then said no to Tara’s appreciation and said that was the best day he had had for a lengthy period. He told Norah that they have made him so happy.

Norah and the man hugged once more, and they walked away. Norah looked at him until she could not see him anymore.

Tara says she would be lying to you if he told you she was not tearful after their meeting.  She was blown away by this encounter and thought some reader on her Facebook page might benefit from hearing this story.

Tara shared the story and a photo of the two, her daughter and Mr. Dan.


Tara received a message later on that night from a reader who identified Mr. Dan. Dan’s wife, Mary, had died in March, and he had been lonesome since his dearly loved had gone. She wanted Tara to know that she was sure Norah moved his heart and that she required it and likely would by no means forget it.

Tara requested for his phone number and called him some days afterward.


They have made a visit to Mr. Dan’s homely and orderly house, memories of Mary still arrogantly exhibited in all places you look. He had gotten a hairdo, cut off, and was wearing jeans and dress shoes. He looked a ten years adolescent.

Dan had set out a child’s table, plain paper, and colored chalks out for Norah. She requested if she would draw some images for him to exhibit on his refrigerator. She gladly agreed and went right to work.

They end up spending almost three hours with Mr.Dan that day. He was He was tolerant and kind with Tara’s chatty, continually moving girl. He cleaned ketchup off of her cheek and allowed her to complete his hen pieces.


As they escorted him to his front entry after lunch, he took out of a pocket knife and cut single red rose flowering by his veranda. He used ten minutes cutting each spine off of the stem before giving it to his new pal.

Norah keeps that rose, which is dry bone, in a Ziploc bag beneath her pillow.


Norah inquires about Mr. Dan each day. She is concerned about him. Norah wonders if he is lonesome, or freezing, or has cheese for his sandwiches. She wants him to be fine and feel cherished.


Mr. Dan too thinks about Norah. After another latest visit, he conveyed that he hadn’t had consecutive night’s sleep from the time when his wife died. He told Tara that he had slept deeply every night from the time when he met Tara’s girl. He said that Norah had healed him.


That left Tara without words and her cheeks with tears.


The two are separated 78 years. In some way, their hearts and spirits seem to identify one other from the past.

Tara and her daughter Norah have promised visit Mr. Dan each week; even though it is for just 15 minutes, for a quick hug and to drop off his favorite a hunk of cheese.


Norah’s mom has requested him to spend Thanksgiving with them. He is a member of their family now. Even if he accepts it or not, he has been taken into Tara’s family of nine and just like Norah said, they are going to love him all the way.  At times talking to unknown persons can show the way us to stunning new commencements.

Just try it.

It is the reason this far-fetched story is moving hearts across the world. Tara says she is pleased Mr. Dan and Norah have found each other, and here’s to several additional years of companionship.

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