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8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Right Now

Alcohol can be quite a potent substance and can make you very inebriated and cause a few embarrassing moments. Here is a comprehensive list of 8 beers you should stop drinking immediately.

Many of us are careful with what we eat, but pay less attention to what we drink. This is a colossal mistake when it comes to Beer, which contains many harmful ingredients. Oddly and perhaps suspiciously, the ingredients are never listed on a bottle of beer. There have been many attempts for some of the following adverse ingredients found in Beer to be put on the label:

Fish Bladder
GMO Sugars
Insect-Based Dyes
GMO Corn Syrup
GMO Corn
Natural Flavours

  • 1. Newcastle Brown Ale

This beer, originating from Newcastle in the North of England, contains caramel colourings. It is a carcinogen, which actually can potentially increase the risk of cancer, making this beer one to avoid.

  • 2. Budweiser

One of the most consumed beers around, Budweiser has been found to contain GMO rice and corn. Not very appetising.

  • 3. Corona Extra

A beer with a sickly sweet taste, this contains corn syrup and propylene Glycol which has harmful effects on the body.

  • 4. Miller Lite

This also contains genetically modified corn syrup and rice, which can’t be good for your health.

  • 5. Michelob Ultra

This contains a GMO sweetener (dextrose). A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

  • 6. Guinness

Guinness has long been lauded for its smoothness, although this could be to do with the high fructose con syrup and fish bladder content it contains.

  • 7. Coors Light

Seen as a ‘healthier’ option, this beer still has corn syrup in.

  • 8. Pabst Blue Ribbon

This beer has GMO corn and corn syrup in it.


Beer can be a very unhealthy beverage and it may be better to stick with a microbrewery which is entirely reputable. Cheap, low-quality products should be avoided at all costs. Beers which have GMO ingredients in really should not be drank. Opt for Beers which have ‘100% organic’ labels as these really do contain nothing but organic ingredients. Anything less and you will regret it. For the most part, European beer does not contain GMO ingredients, but most others do.


Here is a list of some GMO free beers:

Dogfish Head
North Coast
Fuller’s Organic
Amstel light
Natureland Organic
Nelson Organic Ale
Duck Rabbit
Royal Oak
Sierra Nevada

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It is essential to expose companies who employ harmful ingredients in their beers. This information is censored from the public by a multitude of laws, rules and a plethora of red tape. You can vote with your money, by opting to buy the healthier, organic beers. Hopefully this will stymie the production of such beers and eventually lead to all GMO beers being eradicated, which will safeguard the health of the public.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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