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How Best To Protect Your Home And Your Loved Ones

How protected is your house? If your answer is very, then you are unfortunately wrong. A study carried out by The Environmental Protection Agency revealed that air within the home has a higher level of toxins as opposed air outside the home. The level of toxins around the home was discovered to be at least twice that of the air outside.

It is no surprise that in recent times, many people prefer being indoors. Due to this fact, the importance of ensuring clean air indoors cannot be emphasized enough. The use of air purifiers is one of the common ways of dealing with this problem. However, ensuring that there is sufficient and effective air flow through your house is a more simplified method. This means that the house must be well ventilated at all times. Opening windows is a good way of improving air circulation. Below is a list of 6 products known to have the most toxic effects in the home and should be gotten rid off.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride products.

PVC can generally be defined as plastic. This highly toxic substance has been linked to cancer. Notably, numerous products are made of PVC. This increases the health risks greatly.

The use of PVC-free products or the avoidance of plastic products could go a long way in curbing this situation. Some countries have taken the bold step of banning the use of PVC in manufacturing products.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia, a highly toxic chemical, is a component in many cleaners as well as a variety of hair dyes. This chemical causes a stinging-like effect thus irritating any body part that comes in contact with it. Ammonia is corrosive, adding to its dangerous effects.

Avoiding ammonia is quite simple. If you cannot use homemade cleaners, ensure you purchase products that have the ‘ammonia-free’ label. Many homemade cleaners contain vinegar which has numerous cleaning benefits. Moreover, users of hair dye can choose to use natural dyes with a herbal base. Such dyes are known to be free of al types of chemicals including ammonia.

  • Air fresheners

You may think that your making your home smell fresh while in real sense, you are risking your health and that of your loved ones. These so called air fresheners consist of numerous chemicals some of which are carsinogenic such as phthalates. This chemical is also responsible for hormonal imbalance. Methoxychlor is yet another toxic chemical with adverse effects that could lead to damaged nasal nerves and finally inhibit the sense of smell.

To combat this problem, you can let nature take its course. Simply open up the windows and the rest is history. You can also opt for homemade sprays that consist of natural oils or, boiling herbs, orange peels and lemon peels together to create an aromatic scent.

  • Antibacterial products

These may vary from simple hand sanitizers to more complex disinfectants. Such products contain triclosan a supposed germ inhibitor. However, the same compound is responsible for the creation of antibiotic resistant germs. There are also a variety of adverse effects related to antibacterial products.

To prevent these effects, one can use natural herbs to disinfect themselves as well as their surroundings. A mixture of tea tree oil and white vinegar with water could work as a perfect natural antibacterial agent.

  • Bisphenol -A (BPA)

Bisphenol has in the past been used to make plastic products. Although at present its use has diminished, it is not completely eradicated. Bisphenol though toxic, still remains in use when making children’s products, food packagings and containers and water pipes amongst other plastic products.

To prevent its release and ensure safety, it is wise to avoid heating this plastic products. One can also reduce the amount of plastic materials present in the house. These can be substituted with either glass or stainless steel products. Caution should be taken when buying plastic products. If the label is marked 3 or 7, then avoid buying it as it contains BPA.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Have you ever thought about that smell emitted by some of the paint products, washing detergents or even insecticides? Well, some of these products among others emit poisonous gasses known as VOC. These gases are known to have adverse health effects on people leading to conditions such as cancer and breathing related problems.

If your aim is to avoid contact with VOC, then you will have to do away with all these toxic products. In cases where avoidance is not possible, ensure you select products with minimal VOC. This can be attained through the purchase of unscented products such as unscented washing detergents.

The first step of solving a problem is always detecting the cause of the problem. By identifying the different sources of toxins will enable you to find a lasting solution to the same. Being equipped with the necessary information on a variety of product wil assist you to make informed decisions on products that are safe for you, the general populaion and the environment atlarge. By taking a stand, you can help reduce the production of these toxic products thus initiating a step by step campaign to safeguard the environment.

Source: Collective Evolution 

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