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What Color Matches Your Real Personality?

There are many tests out there that tell about personalities but did you know that the colors that you like also say something about your personality? Colors are all around us and influence our decisions and the way we look at life.

First, take this personality quiz, and then read below to find out what the color says about your personality.

So what is your personality color?


After doing the personality quiz and your color is red, then you are a very dominant person. You have a passionate personality, great confidence, and ambition in life. While you may have many friends, very few are close to you and know the real you. The red people are also loyal to their families and friends and will go to great lengths to help them. Your strong will also makes sure that you do not go down without a fight. Looking at these traits, it is no wonder people call you no-nonsense or a firecracker.


The yellow people normally have an optimistic look on life. They have a bubble personality that nothing can bring them down. Even if they fall, they will get up and keep going. The beauty with this personality is that you care less about negativity from other people and believe that the world will treat you well as you continue being kind to everyone else. These individuals also deeply care about others. While people with this personality have an idealist view of life, they are responsible, and people easily trust them.


If you love orange, you have playful and childlike personality. You have high energy levels, and enjoy an extremely active lifestyle. The orange people are known to be givers who will always think of others before themselves. In fact, they can take their shirt offs for you. Furthermore, someone whose personality color is orange is warm, listens and speaks well, and open-spirited. Even though they are givers, they also like to be the center for attraction and thrive from being in the spotlight.


If your personality color is purple, then you are very sensitive, emotional and even psychic. People with this personality often spend time alone, and that is why they are creators, artists, and dreamers who see the world through their imaginations. They go off in their conversations and have very many ideas probably because of the alone time that they enjoy. These individuals are also peaceful, gentle and very approachable and can listen to you for hours.


Green is the color of nature, and that probably explains why people with a green personality color are attracted to nature and have a grounded approach to life. They are normally introverts but with a lot of curiosity about the world. As a result, they are explorers and extremely intellectual. This means that you can have an interestingly thought-provoking conversation with them. They can also be sarcastic and only keep friends who appreciate their honest glory and rawness.


People who are hopeless romantics and unshakeable idealists are those with a blue color personality. Since they do not stand all the negative things happening in the world, they turn to their faith to keep them going. They are sincere, sympathetic and sensitive although they do not want people to see this side. Lastly, they enjoy being near water because of their deep connection with nature.

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