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Creating An Identity Around Spirituality

Spirituality is all about exploring your inner self and bringing it into harmony with your outer world.

  • Creating an Identity Around Spirituality

Many people allow their ego to become trapped into creating an identity surrounding their new spiritual lifestyle. They may start to talk different, dress in a different way, start doing new things, and changing their whole lifestyle into one that sort of resembles the “spiritual person” they have become. The only problem with this is that they are going against everything it means to be “spiritual.”

While this is a common theme, there is really nothing wrong with it. Most people actually think they should give up their own identity to become what other people think a spiritual person should be. When we choose to go as far as changing everything about ourselves just to please others we are not applying anything we have learned about spirituality to our own lives.

  • Using Your Spirituality to Justify Your Behaviors

Some people actually feel that they are beyond reproach. When the ego takes on a new personification, the newly created Self does not see what is really going on in its daily life. Anything that goes wrong is either “not real”, or is the fault of “someone else.”

This leads to the new Self saying that life is “just perfect” and there is no reason to change a thing. Sadly, these people cannot see that there are many facets of their lives that need changing. Any attempt to share this knowledge with them just leads to them telling you that what you perceive in them is actually something that is a part of you. They find it all to easy to use their spirituality as a reason to not take responsibility for their own Self.

  • Laws of Attraction/Staying Positive

Most people assume that the law of attraction only works if you say what you want out loud, or you write it in a notebook or on a vision board. This might be true for some of the smaller things in life, but for the larger issues, you really must work with the laws of attraction to create what you want. If you want a better job, write it down, and then go looking for that job. Don’t expect it to fall into your lap.

Remember, other people are part of the same whole, and they are also seeking their own dreams. We do not have total control over what we want.

This does not mean that we have to remain positive at all times, or else something bad will happen. Negative thoughts do not foreshadow negative consequences. We are human, we cannot remain positive 100% of the time. However, we can deal with our demons and then move on, feeling good that we are beyond that negative energy. Don’t fear the negative, it is as much a part of existence as the positive.

  • Free Spirits

Some free spirited people take things a bit too far: they refuse to make any plans, commitments, or set concrete times for getting things done. These people are simply not taking responsibility for their Self.

A person can be a free spirit in mind and body, and relate this to their daily life. However, everyone needs to understand that as a part of this world we need to have some structure and organization in our daily lives. Our mind and body are actually designed to balance our internal beings with our external day-to-day beings.
When you are able to work through your troubles you will develop the habits and skills needed to begin organizing your life. Organization does not hold back a free spirit, it lets you soar further because you are more aware of your whole life.

  • Final Thoughts

When you try to create a whole new persona for yourself, you actually just create a bunch of new problems within your life. Most of us do this at some point in time, it is a part of the journey called life. We learn from it and move on.

People from all walks of life experience these identity and separation issues; religious people, atheists, vegans or meat eaters, everyone starts to identify with their group. This is fine to an extent, but the best way to live a healthy life is to be exactly who you are meant to be, not some cartoon character you created for the world. Enjoy your life, face the challenges as they come, work through them and then begin to act like your own Self. Life will be so much easier and happier for everyone.

Source: Collective-Evolution 



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