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Dying aunt tells her nephew to check under her sewing machine. What he found hidden turns out to be a $30 Million secret

Carl Sabatino always noticed a painting in his aunt’s home. He dubbed the painting “the woman in the fuzzy hat.” Unknown to Sabatino, the painting was worth up to $30 million.

Jenny Verastro, Sabatino’s aunt, had hinted about the painting before her death. She had asked Sabatino to look for something under her sewing machine.

After her death, Sabatino found the painting, wrapped it in a newspaper, and did not pay much attention to it. After all, he had seen it throughout his childhood.

However, he noticed something in the upper left corner of the painting.

It was a signature of the famous Pablo Picasso. The painting was a recreation of the 1901 “Woman With A Cape” from the artist. Verastro’s husband had purchased the painting for $10 during the World War II.

Now Sabatino believes the piece was painted by the master himself– Pablo Picasso– as a recreation of his 1901 masterpiece, “Woman With A Cape,” which is displayed in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

A painting expert almost dismissed the painting as a fake. However, Carl convinced her it was legit based on its rare color at this time. When Carl sought the opinion of a second expert, it was confirmed the painting was an original painting from the author.

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