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The Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The eyes are the windows of the soul”? When people say this they usually mean they can tell whether someone is angry, in pain, happy, or dealing with some other emotion. Researcher’s have determined that the eyes really are the windows to our emotions, and they are also the windows to our soul.

The answer lies in the eyeball. Although people may have the same exact eye color, each person’s iris is composed of a uniquely different set of dots, lines, and colors.

There are also patterns in the iris, that, while widespread, will also vary in every person. Scientists at the Orebro University in Sweden were curious as to whether these patterns had anything to do with certain personality traits. By focusing on the threads that radiate out from the pupil (called crypts), and the lines that curve around the outer edges of the eye (called contraction furrows) when the pupil dilates, they hoped to see if these reflected particular character traits.

  • Their Findings

The most tender, warmhearted, sympathetic and trusting people had crypts that are densely packed. Those who had more contraction furrows were often impulsive, gave into cravings way too easily, and were more neurotic.

Although correlation does not always imply causation, in this case it does appear as though a person’s character traits and the details of their eyes might be related.

Researchers insist that personality and eye structure are linked due to the gene sequences that lead to the development of the iris also being responsible for developing the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of our brain just happens to be the motherboard of all our personality.

The scientists also found that when the gene PAX5 (responsible for the proper development of the eye in early pregnancy) mutates, the end results are usually people with poor communication skills, poor social skills, and people who are very impulsive.

  • What Eye Color Reveals

Researchers from the Pittsburgh University say that women who have light colored eyes have less pain during childbirth than do women who have darker colored eyes. However, people with lighter eyes consume more alcohol than those with darker eyes. It seems that dark eyed people need less alcohol to feel the effects.

There are 12 to 13 different variations in our genes that determine our eye color. These same genes are responsible for other activities within our body.

Melanin is responsible for making the eyes and the skin darker. People with light colored eyes often have light skin tones to match. This lack of melanin makes these people more prone to feeling the affects of alcohol long before their dark eyed family or friends will.

Melanin is an insulator for electrical connections that flow between the brain cells. The more melanin, the better the brain can work. This chemical that is responsible for the darkness of they eye is also a great for boosting the efficiency of the brain.

It is easy to see just why people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Not only can you tell if someone is tired, scared, happy, or sad just by looking into their eyes, but if you know what to look for you can even tell what kind of personality they have. Therefore, the eyes really are a literal window into the soul.

Source: The Mind unleashed 

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