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Her “Happy” Facebook post caused the accident that took her own life. Her last words is a wake-up call to everyone

Courtney Sanford was headed to work when her favorite song “Happy” started playing on her car’s radio. Since she felt like sharing the happy moment on Facebook, she took out her phone and snapped a selfie.

While taking the picture, she never stopped to do it since she was the one driving. She took out the phone smiled and took the photo. It was when she was posting the photo on Facebook that she had a tragic accident.

The corolla she was driving had a head-on collision with an oncoming recycling truck and went on to hit a tree and later caught fire.

That is how Courtney died on the spot and her death was a bitter pill to swallow for her family. She was only 32 years old and had already graduated with two degrees. The woman who was a professional in the healthcare industry was laid to rest four days later by her family.

Her phone was retrieved from the scene of the accident and the Facebook post was still on its screen and one could read her last post: The happy song makes me HAPPY.

It was indeed a sad moment since it is a death which could have been avoided. We all love taking selfies and some of us still do that while driving. For those who are taking selfies while driving, they have to be aware of the danger that is associated with that.

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