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This Honest Stay-At-Home Mom’s Facebook Post Was “Liked” Over 600,000 Times, But It Deserves More

Ryshell Castleberry is a tattoo artist from Port Richey, FL, who appreciates the efforts stay-at-home moms are doing for the sake of their families on a daily basis and how their hard work gets unnoticed in most cases.. She showed her support by posting a brutally honest post on her Facebook page. Not long after, Her powerful message gains a lot of attention and quickly went viral with over 300,000 shares and 600,000 likes. Men also showed their appreciation to her for spreading such moving dedication.

Her post features a hypothetical conversation between a psychologist and a husband who says his housewife “doesn’t work.” But after the husband rattles off a list of his wife’s daily tasks, including getting the kids dressed and ready for school, going to the supermarket, taking care of the baby, cleaning, cooking and putting the kids to bed, it’s clear his definition of “work” is quite skewed.

Now, tell me who wouldn’t agree with this post? Turns out, it’s working moms, who argued in the comments and criticized Castleberry stating that “there’s those of us who do all that AND work.” argued in the comments that they have to complete the same tasks as stay at home moms, but with fewer hours to accomplish their to-do lists.

Frustrated with the backlash, Castleberry added a follow-up note. “IF YOU are any of those things, read the message and replace the words with words that fit your situation.”

Check out her full message below.

Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry

Castleberry’s message starts with a straightforward conversation between a psychologist and a man who talks about his stay-at-home wife who according to him ‘doesn’t do anything because she doesn’t have a job’.

Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry
Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry
Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry
Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry
Source: Facebook/Ryshell Castleberry

Some people added to the message by commenting positive things about moms.

And there were some dismissive comments by working moms, too. 

Some comments highlighted the efforts of stay-at-home daddies too. 

What are your thoughts about this story? Let us know!

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