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Importance And Preservation Of Water: Preserve Life

As scholars would put it, “water is life” as it sustains a greater majority of organisms. Water is very important and everyone must recognize this importance. Its different uses in the society. Other than directly consuming and using it, it is also used to grow vegetation which contributes to sustaining the society’s well being. Water is categorized into two categories. Fresh water and salt water with salt water compromising a greater percentage holding 97%.

  • Gradual decrease in Groundwater

It has been noted that the ground water supply is decreasing. This may sound out of place as fresh underground water can be replenished. This goes a long way into defining the usage of water against its ability to renew the supply. This has been noted more specifically in Asia and North America.

Meeting the increase in demand is causing the decrease in water. Not all aquifers are replenish-able. Those that are replenish-able have the function to automatically to refill themselves.

Farming is another use for water. While many farmers are watering their lands through irrigation, the lack of water may require that farming either stops or the use of rain water where possible. As ground water drops, this also negatively affects farm produce. According to research, cases of over pumping to meet demand are noted in the North China Plain.

  • Global water shortages.

China has recorded a shortage of water where it raised concerns. It gets even worse in India even after drilling millions of wells for farming. This investment served its time and according to research, more than half the drilled wells are currently dry. The impact of this shortages is not only on farming. It is also affecting electricity supply and demanding for better oil drilling tools to reach water levels. Farming in areas where the wells have dried up rely on rain water for produce.

The largest water consumption areas are irrigation and grazing of livestock. Water consumption on a daily basis is going over the roof. Though it is more in developed countries as opposed to developing countries, water is very important to the society. Other than direct consumption of water, individuals are also consuming fluids through the foods they eat. What exactly is required in producing foods considering that different plants will consume different amounts of water.

  • Water in foods and clothing

As Leonardo da Vinci said, water drives all of nature. Research has been carried out to help determine the amount of embedded water the beverages and foods consumed. Embedded water refers to the water used to production and distribution of agricultural produce. You will notice that all foods including crisps contain embedded water.

  • Lifestyle changes

It is advisable that individuals adopt a vegetarian diet. Domestic water consumption only factors in about 8% though it does not include the amount of water used for food production. In addition, how individuals grow food also contributes to domestic production. It is advisable that individuals use less water for their activities. This provides enough time for the environment to replenish and maintain a sufficient supply of water. In addition, less energy is used up. In an attempt to preserve water, the following practices should provide you with a head-start.

  • Natural landscaping

The earth has a way of allowing certain foods naturally grow in some regions. It is better that this law remains as it is. Planting these plants in a different climatic and landscape will lead to use of more water to sustain the plantation. Concentrate more on native plants rather than introduced plants. Not only do you use less water but they also cannot be attacked by pests.

When watering plants, the following are tips to adopt to preserve water. Irrigate during cool temperatures to avoid evaporation. Different plants require different amounts of water and it is important that you know the amounts to avoid flooding some plants. Mulch your farm to also prevent evaporation.

  • Watering Lawns

Many spend time watering their lawns. Other than beauty, they serve no functional purpose. In this, the water serving this purpose can be directed to more functional purposes. Alternatively, one can reduce the size of their lawn. You also do not need to water the lawn on a daily basis. Grown lawns act as mulching and the roots take longer to dry out. Avoid watering lawns when it is windy. This is because it promotes evaporation.

Practical tips for home water conservation.
To preserve water at home, you could:

Store rain water in tanks.

Adopt drip irrigation.

Always check for leaking faucets.

Embrace a half-flush toilet system.

Do not fill your bathtub.

Cover pools to avoid evaporation.

Avoid using tap water.

Sweep outside surfaces than using water all the time.

Bucket-wash your car.

Any machinery (dishwasher, washing machine) should be used only when full.

Install preservative devices such as low flow shower heads.

Adopt mulching.

This in mind, it is important that you always keep in mind the importance of water against its extinction. In this, use it efficiently and look into preserving it to the maximum.

Source: Collective Evolution 

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