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Laughter Produces Brain Waves Similar to Meditation

Many people will appreciate the fact that laughter will improve on the brain waves that people may be able to generate for themselves. This could be a worthwhile goal for anyone looking to change the way that their brain tends to operate. These results are emerging from Loma Linda University, which is prompting a lot of discussion within the scientific community. This research has revealed that there is an abundance of gamma brain waves, which is a valuable asset for owners who need to improve on their experiences. This research is actually suggesting that laughter may produce these waves in a similar manner to people who tend to meditate.

Laughter as therapy is a concept that is starting to draw in a lot of attention. This therapy is known as Humor Associated With Mirthful Laughter (HAML). It has even proven to be a popular concept for researchers out on the market as well. This could be a worthwhile solution for owners who need to understand more about the different videos that they might encounter along the way. A 10 minute video segment can be used to showcase some of the unique aspects of the therapy. This is being seen as an integral part of the therapy process, which is a vital concern for many people.

The results of the study were collected by an EEG, which proved to be an important component of completing this kind of research. This was able to produce a readout of the gamma waves that were abundant in the brains of many people. The researchers compared these results between people who meditated and between those who have actually attained happiness. This was a worthwhile look in to the way that waves tended to be produced throughout the year as well. Many people will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about how humor could actually help consumers adapt in some important ways.

There were other results that tended to capture the interest of many researchers out there. Some people will be interested to see how these alpha brain waves tended to be present in the brains of many people. These waves tended to be associated with spirituality, which is a worthwhile asset for many customers out on the market. Readers will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the unique features of these waves. It could actually anticipate different types of emotions that people may be feeling.

Source: Spirituality & Health

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