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Learn The Secrets To Annihilate Irrational Fears

Fear is definitely a real emotion and fear is necessary to enable us to be physically safe. If we don’t feel fear, then it is likely we are not long for this world. We encounter two types of fear. Biological fear comes from instinct and non biological fear does not operate according to instinct. The first thing to do is to figure out both of these types of fear. When our fearful instinct kicks in, it is like a siren has gone off in our heads. This is instinct telling us there is danger or a possibility of danger. You should pay attention to this feeling of fear.

Sometimes we become fearful about things that we should not be afraid of. This type of fear needs to be addressed and controlled; we must learn to reject this fear or if we keep buying into non-biological fear, we are putting our mental well-being in jeopardy. When we feel a non-biological form of fear and constantly believe there is something to be afraid of, we are slowly self-destructing and damaging our mental health.

We will lose the ability to be creative, we won’t feel free anymore, and inspirational actions will bite the dust. People might take advantage of our fear and exploit us. We could end up bending to their will and eventually this will cause us to break. Advertising and the media play the fear card to sell their product or gain readers for their newspapers. Some people will go out of their way to take advantage of the fear card to gain something for themselves.

The fear mongers want us to believe we are not safe and vulnerable to them. If we believe this then there is more chance we will buy into their propaganda. Let’s face it, we are all too afraid to walk around the cities at night and given our dangerous society, this is reasonable. What is not reasonable is investigating every noise we hear thinking that there is a prowler outside. So the conclusion found here is that a non-biological fear and a fear that is activated by someone else telling us lies is fake and we should be concerned about what this person will do next and eliminate them from our lives.

The instinct of fear when it is warranted is the only type of fear that is real. The answer to dealing with fake fear is to be realistic about every single thing. Watch the news with a skeptical attitude. We have to stop believing that terrorists are going to break into the house and shoot us. We need to tell ourselves to stop, and just stop. Focus on something pleasant, take deep breaths or get busy doing something we love to do.

We should also keep in mind that fear is not an illusion. We cannot get away from our irrational fears; we must face them head on and deal with them. Think long and hard about what is scaring us and address it. This is easier said than done, as people with anxiety disorders can be working for years to eradicate their fear.

We must concentrate on bringing out our fears from where we hide them. Confess our fears to someone we trust, a close friend, family member or minister. By exposing what we fear to others, it is less likely that our fears will hold us back as much. We will start to recognize what is instinct and what is not. When we are feeling depressed or negative and our energy is low, remember that fear can be activated if we are not working at being positive.

Someone who suffers an anxiety disorder will feel as though their mind is not their own. Mentally ill people feel like this too. This is the reason why a mentally ill person who does something stupid, will say “I didn’t mean it.” and behave as if they are not responsible. Bipolar sufferers display these traits. Fear is a weapon that destroys our self-confidence; it holds us back and sometime paralyzes us. Once we are aware of the lies our mind are telling us, fear begins to lose its power.

Getting past irrational fears involves recognizing the tell-tale signs that fear is about to take hold. We need to become familiar with the things that activate our fear, such as money worries, health, our children, insecurities about a relationship, and a fear of leaving our homes. Anxiety disorders can make us want to hide out at home where we feel safe, and this happens because we are terrified of having a panic attack. Sometimes we might be fearful of fear. There are so many triggers, and we need to make a list, so you know what our major triggers are. Breaking free from fear will happen as long as we don’t give up.

Many people become blocked with fear and cannot release it because they are convinced that the fear is valid. We will often chase goals that we believe are essential to life and acceptable to society. This is just more lies being sent to our brain by our feelings of fear. Fear will manipulate us if we allow it too. Don’t give in to this manipulation, face the fear or feeling that we must conform to society and the fear will disappear. Buying into our fear only adds more fuel to the fire and our fears will manipulate us very easily. We don’t want to play this game anymore, so keep we must tell ourselves that what we are feeling are lies.

Now that we have realized that we are being tricked and manipulated, we are on the right track to expose our fears. We need expel these scary thoughts from our brains and throw them away in an imaginary garbage bin, and keep moving forward. We don’t have time to be bogged down and frozen in fear when life is so short. Ignore those who would use fear as a weapon to manipulate our thoughts or control us.

Think about the last election campaign. Our future leaders had us convinced that the country was falling apart and they would fix it. Most of their campaign advertising played on our fears and guess what; politicians still lie, the country is still falling apart and so are the Government.

Courage is what we need to nurture now. Facing up to our worst fears takes courage and if we are making headway with this, then we are more courageous than we think. Our fears never give up, so staying vigilant is important and giving up is the worst thing we could do. Treating our irrational fears as though they are nothing of importance is a good attitude to maintain.

Once we can identify when a moment of fear or panic is going to take hold, we are further along in terms of beating our fears than we would have guessed. Once we learn how to distinguish a biological fear from a non-biological fear, we will be much better off a lot sooner. We will start to feel free, free from the oppression of irrational fear and we will no longer be slaves to something that is not even real.

Janelle Coulton
Source: Waking Times


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