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Letting Go Of Toxic Beliefs

People hold on to toxic beliefs because this is all they know. Unfortunately, these thoughts keep most people from being a happy and productive member of society.

Allowing yourself to shed these negative thoughts and images will lead you on a path to a happier, healthier life:

  • 1. I Am Not “Enough”

It is highly toxic to self to think that you are not smart enough, rich enough, good enough, beautiful enough, or any other enough there is. You are who you are, and that is simply more than enough. You are not in a race with others to be better.

  • 2. I’ve Lost My Purpose

It is really hard to lose your purpose, because your purpose is actually a part of who you are and everything you do. It lives within your heart. Look for your purpose within yourself, it lives and breathes with you. You can’t lose your purpose when you know it is still inside you – where it has always been.

  • 3. It’s Better To Follow The Crowd

People do not realize how toxic it is to behave like the rest of the crowd; you can never feel happy following someone else’s path. Be yourself, make your own dreams and plans – follow your own heart.

  • 4. I Can’t Be Vulnerable

When you open yourself – your true self – to those around you, you allow them to see you without the masks that hide your imperfections. Let others see you are vulnerable, and therefore, human.

  • 5. I Don’t Have The Education

A lot of people use their lack of education as an excuse as to why they are not doing what they love. Many people have succeeded in life without a formal education. Whether you have a high school diploma, a college degree, or a GED, if you have a dream you can reach for it and make it happen. Thanks to the abundance of online courses available it is easy to pursue a higher education. The nice thing about these classes is that you can work them around your current job schedule. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • 6. I Can’t Be Happy Until Later

Happiness is in the continuing journey, it is not a final destination. People who put off their happiness now, in hopes of being even happier later, often miss out on life’s most simplest of pleasures. Life and happiness are meant to be lived in the present; a present is a gift meant to be enjoyed.

  • 7. Life Is So Hard

Life is a roller coaster, filled with so many ups and downs. Let go of the thought that life is always a hard, hostile, cruel place to live through. Embrace each day, and the life you have. Enjoy each experience as it comes your way, knowing each is happening to teach you important life lessons.

  • 8. It’s My Parent’s Fault

Stop blaming your parents for all your problems. As you grow and live your own life you create your own problems. Blaming your parents gives them power over you, thus blocking you from change. Take back the power – and the blame – and work towards taking responsibility for your self.

  • 9. I Can Do It Alone

This is one highly toxic belief. Somehow some people think they should do everything alone, and to ask for help is a sign that they are weak people. When you stop this thinking, you allow yourself to open up to other people and new ideas that might make your tasks go smoother. At the same time you should realize that independent, courageous and brave people ask for help because it not only helps them get a job done quicker, but gives other people a sense of purpose.

  • 10. I’m Done With Love, It Hurts Too Much

Loving someone never hurts. What does hurt is your expectations of that love and what it means. We are on this Earth for one reason: love. We are here to love and to be loved. It is central to our being, and giving up on love is the same as giving up on life.

  • 11. I Need To Be In A Relationship To Be Happy

This is probably one the most toxic of all the beliefs one could have. One should never depend on someone else for their own happiness. If you love yourself, and are happy with who you are, you can find happiness alone, or with someone else. So, be happy right here, right now.

  • 12. It’s Too Late To Follow My Dreams

Everyone has dreams throughout their life, and these dreams often change. It is never too late, nor are you ever too old, to follow your dreams and reach for the stars. Whatever it is that makes you happy, pursue it and honor your inner being.

  • 13. I’ll Never Be Normal Again

Your past is a part of you, but it should not define you for the whole of your life. It is toxic to think any tragedy in your past must remain a part of your present. Find ways to turn your troubles into lessons learned, and try turning each difficulty into an opportunity to learn and grow. Your life is the present, and what you create for your future; your past is over and cannot be changed.

  • 14. I Trust No One – Not Even Myself

It is simply toxic to think that once someone has made you lose trust in them that you should apply this logic to the rest of your life. We all make mistakes: think about that word for a minute, “mistakes” – mis takes. Just like actors may need a take or two to get things perfect, so, too, do the rest of us. We make a mistake, we learn, we grow from it and we move on. But to not trust yourself or others because of perceived mistakes is to be unkind to yourself and those around you.

  • 15. I Am All Alone

In this vast world filled with billions of people, you are never all alone. There will always be someone, somewhere, who is looking out for you and your welfare. You may think you are alone, but you never are, and as long as you live you never will be. Enjoy life and you will find similar souls all around you.

Source: Waking Mind

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