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What Life Has Taught Me To Share With My Children!

According to Tom Bodett, life gives you a test before it gives you a lesson as opposed to school where you are first taught before being tested.

The past 3 years have led me through several transformations which have taught me many lessons. Before I gained this rapid personal growth, family and relatives considered me to having many challenges to overcome. From when I was a baby to when I become a drunkard, a womanizer and a gambler; this was enough of a destructive life cycle.

I almost lost my walking twice in a single through soccer and car accidents before taking control of my life. Within a period of 3 years I had gone through over 300 self development books while pursuing my masters Degree in psychology. After transforming myself, I gained the passion of transforming others. This has made my girlfriend tell me I will make an amazing Dad.

I sum up all that I have learned the past few years into a list of 9 lessons; this I will readily teach my young ones before they finish schooling and enter the world and the marketplace.

  • 1. ) Priorities should be given the first consideration:

find out your priories and start working on them immediately by avoiding making the ‘To-Do-Lists’.

  • 2. Problems are there to make use better:

though problems can be challenging, they are there to acts as stepping stone if we can successfully overcome them. Mental adjustment should be made if we have to use them to reach our goals.

  • 3. Make your happiness come from within:

disappointments are likely to arise should you let your happiness be controlled by thing outside your reach. Use what is within your control to make yourself happy.

  • 4. Life become easy by doing hard things:

boring and difficult things make high achievers. A routine that is boring and takes a lot of time to work out finer details might make you achieve success when you finally get to know what it entails.

  • 5. Repletion makes one to improve:

when I needed to change my life, I had to practice what my role models and mentors advised me to do. By doing and redoing them, I became a better person. Behaviors have to be repeated until they become part of you.

  • 6. Doing makes one to learn:

the right time never comes. You have to attempt doing it and make mistakes. It will be easier to correct the mistakes and develop the needed skills to become better. Waiting will always give excuses of failing to do something.

  • 7. Let others’ opinions remain with them:

YOU are the master of your destiny and you should do as you wish. Let not others discourage you from achieving your goals by telling you that your plans are to achievable. I remember my doctor telling me that it was impossible to cure myself from asthma but I had the belief and went ahead and did it.

  • 8. Your money should work for you:

investing money in something is what I have discovered through studies and meeting with successful people. They start by investing in themselves and invest in things that will make them have a future with a passive income.

  • 9. Your Health is A Gift:

for you to achieve your dreams, you need to work hard each and every day and that means your body using some of its energy. You have to ensure you take healthy meals so that you remain energized all through. Should you loose your health, achieving what you want is not possible.

Though this list does not exhaust all the things I will let my children learn. It highlights the most important lessons that come to my mind when I think about what they have to learn before they are through with schooling.

Source: Collective Evolution

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