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Motivational Ideas For Your Morning Ritual

All ancient wisdom looks to celebrate certain moments in time and one of them is, of course the morning. It is a brand new opportunity for love, laughter and success. Taking the time each day to balance yourself before heading out into the world gives us the understanding that each moment in time is unique and important.

Intentional thoughts.

The morning meditation and prayer time may include an exercise for you to have intentional thoughts for the day. Having these thoughts will turn into your emotions and later your actions. If your intention is to cause peace and you have that on your heart, you will promote in your realm the opportunity for a connection to the sacred unseen reality that governs your soul. Think of an intention each day, you may even write it out. Focus on it and embrace it, allow it to manifest meaning into your day,


Having a heightened awareness of your actions is another way to promote living in the present moment. Buddhists have mindfulness meditations that can be practiced even in your own home. Realizing that we are indeed a part of the whole and that our actions affect out environments may give you the insight that you may want to be more understanding or empathetic of others and yourself.

Creative visualization.

Create an vision for your life through whatever means you have. Focus on what you really want for your life and work towards little goals towards the big picture. You may want to open your own business, or learn a new trade or skill. There are steps that you need to take when making these big changes and visualizing the prize can help you stay on track.

Inspirational literature.

There are literally millions of books available at your fingertip at any given moment through the Internet, so do some exploration and investigate titles that may look or sound like they will give you a sense of well-being or excitement to transform your life.

Writing time.

If you have little time to ready yourself for the day on a consistent basis, you may want to start to wake up early and take a little of the peace and quiet to write in a journal whatever is on your mind and end it with a list of three things you can be grateful for all day. This can be anything that you can think of, like how you love your pet so much that it hurts to leave for work, or how lovely it is to see the morning sun. Remembering that all is not dark and dreary can be a good lift for your day.

Turn up the tunes.

Music is a healing expression that can change your mood immediately. Create a morning CD that you can easily pop in for a little movement or stretching to get those muscles and joints creaking. Dance, sing, laugh at yourself. Smile and show how free you can really be and enjoy the morning.

There are so many ways to create a new morning ritual. Allowing yourself to create a time for you, and possibly your family may be an incredibly healing moment of the day. Allow the sun to shower all the love and warmth on your face before heading into work and soak it all in. Stay thankful and grateful and you will be surprised how things that upset you before you started the morning rituals just don’t bother you the way they used to. Allowing the sacred to cultivate in your life is transforming and life affirming. Smile at the negativity, it is just a temporal moment. Let peace enter your soul. Have a great day!


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