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The Power Behind Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is always ‘ON’; this is a very important thing that many people do not know. Regardless of what is being done or whether it is day or night, it remains active. The body is controlled by the subconscious mind. The conscious effort can never detect this silent inner process.

One has to start taking care of the subconscious mind. Your thinking should only emphasize only on love, justice and loyalty and while at the same time setting the mind to have positive expectations from all events. Your subconscious is based on faith and belief.

You should never that faith determines the kind of rewards you get.

Ways in which thoughts of perfect health can be transferred into the subconscious mind were revealed by a Protestant minister who was suffering from cancer. This was by putting his soul and body in a relaxed state 2 or 3 times a day and reciting some words.

The words has a message that said that his legs and feet were completely relaxed, his stomach muscles were relaxing, his breathing was relaxed and calm, his heart was beating quietly, his head was completely relaxed and his whole body was completely calm and relaxed. Once 5 minutes were over and he was getting into a drowsy, sleepy state, he made another recitation repeatedly. The recitation said that the plan of God had found perfect expression in him and that his subconscious mind was filled with thoughts of being in perfect health. He said that, before God, his image was spotless. At the end of the day, this priest was healed. So as to ensure you have used your subconscious power for your own good, the following brief recommendations should be considered:

1. Not only does your subconscious control all the body’s processes, but also has the capacity to solve many problems and provide answers to many disturbing questions.

2. Prior to sleeping, make specific requests to your subconscious mind and you will witness the action of some miraculous power.

3. In form of events, circumstances and emotions, you will be affected by things that are captured by your subconscious mind. This being the case, you have to ensure that your mind is governed by ideas and thoughts.

4. Unfulfilled desires bring about new experiences. Should you be “fixated” by various problems and issues, it might be your subconscious mind reacting.
5. Should you be having a specific dream or goal, the following statement should be repeated consciously: I trust that the influence of the subconscious, that gave me this yearning, will personify it in me at this time.’

6. The natural rhythm of heart rate, breathing and the role any body’s part can be disrupted by fear, anxiety and stress. Thoughts of harmony, peace and health can be cultivated into the subconscious mind so that normality of the roles of the body’s parts can resume.

7. So as to ensure your thoughts become a reality, your subconscious mind should be filled with expectations of the best emotions and experiences.

8. Thoughts of your problems should be done positively and fully feel the enthusiasm of the happenings. The subconscious full accepts all your fantasies and then implements them in life. implemented in life.

Source: Collective Evolution

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