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His wife went blind, so he spent 2 years planting thousands of scented flowers for her to smell and get her out of depression

Married couple Kuroki has been living a peaceful and happy life as dairy farmers in rural Japan, raising two children. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kuroki suffered some complications from diabetes that made her lose her sight. Following this sad  happening, she became depressed and withdrawn, isolating herself in the family home.

Her husband, Mr. Kuroki, couldn’t stand watching his wife in this heartbreaking state, so he decided to cheer her with a beautiful idea that occured to him which is planting a flower garden where she could motivate her to go outside and smell the beautiful scent of flowers. It took the loving husband 2 years of hard work and thousands of flowers to bring the joy to his wife… Now, the private farm draws people who heard about this real love story from all around the world…

Mrs. Kuroki can’t see anything, but she loves to be outside

Image credits: Youtube

She and her husband moved to this dairy farm shortly after they got married in 1956

Image credits: Shintomi Machiyakuba

They raised two children and lived a happy life until something went wrong with Mrs. Kuroki’s sight

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

A week later, she was blind due to complications related to diabetes

Image credits: Rkr21Sfmfr

Depressed, she began to withdraw and stay indoors

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Concerned about his wife, Mrs. Kuroki struggled to think of a solution

Image credits: Youtube

And then he began to plant flowers

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Thousands of scented flowers over two years

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Slowly, Mrs. Kuroki emerged from her shell to enjoy the garden

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Now, she smiles every day

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Watch this lovely couple in the video below:

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