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A World Of Telepathic Communication

I often ponder. In fact, if there was such as job as professional ponderer, I’d be rich. Similar positions, such as Pond Liner Installer and Pond Sweeper, do exist, and on occasion I’m attracted to these opportunities for the money.

In the meantime, however, just think of me as an artist, such as a poet, writer or street musician. Or more accurately, the wacky individual who walks in solitude, talking to something, or someone unseen. In truth, such an individual probably possesses a more profound awareness of the subject upon which I’ve commenced. Hence, I request your mercy and compassion as I endeavor to research the impractical aspect of the marvel known as telepathy.

While recently lost in reverie, I began to wonder what the advantages and disadvantages would be if humans could communicate telepathically. At first I expected that there would be many more advantages than disadvantages. However, on further thought, there is a lot to consider.

I would like you to consider what the world would be like if all humans could communicate telepathically, if we could all read each others minds clearly. For the sake of this discussion, telepathy means mind to mind transfer of thoughts and feelings without any acoustic or visual aids, such as winks or hand gestures. Unlike our common method of communication, which consists of the cumbersome task of stringing together a bunch of words in order to form sentences, this is a more intensive and deeper exchange of information, which is immune from compromise.

Although the mind diligently searches for the right word to express what it is sensing, telepathy has great difficulty adhering to the spoken word. Of those who have experienced telepathy, the majority will inform you that words can not begin to describe the intense emotion and insight brought on by the experience. I’m talking about a very evolved language, a consonance of thoughts, an inward and honest connection that humans are quite qualified to accomplish, but not necessarily at will, or without cost. Later I’ll touch on what might spark a telepathic transfer. However, I will first explain why you might not want to initiate such a connection, even if you could:

1. We don’t cherish everyone we meet:Maybe we should, but we don’t. Not surprising, I know. People have a bad habit of making snap judgments based simply on looks or subtle gestures. Such outer bias seeps into our chi and destroys any hope of a genuine telepathic experience. Learning to observe each other with genuine appreciation and love is a vital first step toward opening a conduit of telepathy.

Try this: Remember that everyone you encounter used to be somebody’s beloved child. Consider how the parents felt when their child grew up, left home and had to endure the company of others, who did not dearly love them. Now, fantasize that the person is your grown child. Your mood towards that person will change.

2. ConsentWhy should our minds, and inter-most thoughts, be open to just anyone? It’s like leaving our homes unlocked and unguarded for any thief to come in and take our valuables, or worse. Then again, why are we so mistrustful? Imagine if we were to lighten up a bit, both on ourselves and others. Suppose we became confident enough in ourselves that every aspect of our being gave off an external glow.

I am guessing that such a feat is possible if one is not concerned with judgment. However, us humans delight in judging others, do we not? Yes, I’m judging.Try this: Picture a world in which everyone is exactly like you. Think how dull life would soon be. Now think about all of our differences and the beauty that comes from them. Be accepting and nonjudgmental of others. Know that we are all trying to fit in, and we all contend with feelings of anxiousness and powerlessness. Understandably reaching this level of tolerance is difficult, but if you desire to communicate telepathically, you must.

3. Our secrets:We harbor many secrets. We are not inclined to tell all we know easily. Our entire lives we have been taught to be masters of deception, constantly reminded not to play all of our cards at once. This makes an unfavorable environment for telepathy. Mind to mind transfer is a complete experience requiring a dedicated approach. It is not selective. Telepathy provides a free, unrestricted flow of information. Talk about feeling exposed!Try this: Let your guard down. Experience vulnerability. Address the feeling. Now, inform this part of you that it has fulfilled its purpose and now needs to depart from you.

4. Insecurity:It’s a natural assumption that if we let our guard down, we will become insecure. This survival technique is ingrained in us. To interfere with this instinct, in a world that competes, judges and believes in the concept of natural selection, is challenging and perhaps inadvisable. Insecurity gives off a low vibe, while telepathy is a tremendously vibrational experience. However, in a compassionate world that was full of love, and where there was no judging, everyone could feel free to let their guard down. In such a world, telepathic links could potentially abound. One could theorize that the spoken voice would, perhaps, eventually be relegated to a more artistic exercise, like singing.Try this: Disregard everything that anyone else has ever said about you. Think about one fact: Genetically, you know everything there is to know. Become comfortable with your insight. You need not remember everything you know. Memory is simply an earthbound tool that serves life, whereas knowing derives from a serene place of awareness. You are nothing less than omniscient, and don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

5. We have sex on the brain:This is frequently true. We are motivated toward love, affection and reproduction.Strong sexual desire verges on telepathic experience, but it might lack perception and be inappropriate in several ways. If the sexual goal is selfish, this might be sensed as aggressive, giving off a low vibe. However, if it’s an instant connection, such as with your soul mate, now there’s a telepathic connection!Try this: Take a page from my book and ponder this for a while: How come men have nipples?In today’s world, heavy emotion is the key to telepathy. When an individual misses a loved one immensely, and they can not easily contact that person, the mind has the ability and power to make a connection. There are numerous accounts on the web about soldiers of war mentally linking with their significant other. Frequently these occurrences are associated with tremendous trauma or emotional pain. Hence, we can speak telepathically when it’s urgent. That is quite an astounding concept. Maybe someday we can break our affinity to judge, clear away our bias toward others and learn that we possess boundless power. Then, perhaps we will evolve into a society that uses telepathy as a primary means of communication.

Dixie Thomason
Source: Walking Times


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